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How to use J&T Connection Center services very easily

Many people don’t know how to  use J&T Connection Center services.  Although customer service can log in for 24 hours without stopping. It can even be said to be the most recommended campaign and still works on holiday days  . So it doesn’t only serve 24 hours a day but also works without holidays.

Jay doesn’t really know that holidays even public holidays and weekends work as usual. So for those who have online business, it seems that it can be the best solution to make the goods you buy and sell easily reach consumers even though transactions are made on holiday days.

JT itself is a multi-national  company involved in the campaign sector, although headquartered in Jakarta, but the company has a classification store in Semarang and Surabaya as Indonesia’s youngest campaign service. JT always tries to provide the most services to satisfy its customers.

So we have questions, suggestions, or comments that can be transmitted through customer services or JT communication centers.   For those who are still confused about connecting to customer services through which media, you are on the right subject because we are reviewing it thoroughly.

through the official J&T hotline

This service can even be accessed for free at first.In 2018, Nam Un began canceling and replacing the free hotline with a paid service that depends on operator customs. So you can contact hotline service at 021-8066-1888 as follows:

  1. Listed hotline number at 021-8066-1888
  2. After counting the hotline number, you’ll be contacted by the server
  3. You can press on extensions that are suitable for your needs

This service is highly recommended because it is very effective where customers can contact both ways until a solution is found. So if you have a location problem delivering or receiving goods, you can contact the customer service directly on the hotline.

This J&T connection center also has no holidays to be able to connect whenever you need it. However, it can be logged in 24 hours nonstop, making it easier for customers to consult directly. Contacting the hotline service is really better than other ways.

Send an email from the campaign email address

In fact, there are many other ways that can be used to connect to J&T except for hotline services that you have to pay for because the hotline is not free. One of them is sending an e-mail so that you can  transmit through writing about the suggestion of criticism or complaints

JT also responds to emails so you can  send complaints, criticisms or suggestions through email address. If you really choose to contact customer service via email, pay attention to writing a criticism of suggestions or complaints you make.

Don’t forget to fill out the email item with the important points you’re delivering, and then plant it carefully in the body of the email. If there are problems or complaints, you should use the list system, because it will then be easier for the J&T Contact Center to resolve the complaint.

Instead of being written in a paragraph, you should write it as a list to clearly transmit the essence of the complaint. Ifyou are too byte, there is usually an incorrect connection, so you have to repeat what you want to deliver, and of course it takes time and the obstacles will not be resolved quickly.

Connect to Social Media Accounts J

In a very complicated era, it seems that you don’t have to be confused if you want to contact customer service even a large company. In addition, all information can be easily accessed where you only need to search  your  search engine or browsers using Internet media.

These days, nearly all major companies have their own social media accounts to introduce their products to the public. You only need to search for social media accounts if you have complaints or problems so that they can be easily transmitted more easily.

Similarly with J&T, when you want to connect to the J&T Connection Center but are connected because you need to spend a budget that will set the rate for the provider used to connect to the number of hotlines, you can through J Social Network accounts.

Especially now that most people prefer data packages on packages to connect to, so you can contact your administrator through their social networks. There are also a lot of social media accounts these days, so look for more active social network accounts so they can easily connect.

For this campaign, you can contact your Facebook account: J&T Express Indonesia, Instagram: @jntexpressid, Twitter: @jntexpressid, Wichat: @JTExpressID and Line: @jtexpressid. You have more advice to connect through your Instagram account because it’s more online or active.

So not only through hotline services, you can visit the  J&T  Connection Center  in a variety of ways, by sending e-mails or direct messages to J&T social network accounts.

لەڕێی ژمارەی J&T واتساپ

If the above styles are still very difficult, for example,  your train is not active on social networks or does not have an e-mail address, there is another way that can be the last solution, namely contacting the administrator or customer service on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is an app that is more commonly used to connect.

Compared to other apps, even WhatsApp can be said to be an SMS replacement so you can contact the J&T Contact Center for  WhatsApp  +62811-8466-188.   You are connected to the customer service to chat both ways to have the same hotline  that you can find solutions related to complaints.

Customer service also serves very heartily to have a quick and responsive response to suggestions, criticisms or complaints submitted by customers. So you don’t have to worry because various barriers dominate appropriately and delivery or receiving packages can run as softly as ever.

The most important thing is that when sending a package, make sure it contains the correct address with zip code. Make sure the items are sent properly wrapped, so that items are not easily damaged on the road because complaints from the  J&T Contact Center are usually the most common of online purchase lovers.

In most complaints, many customers claimed the package had not yet arrived. Then the wrong address or name and number of houses that would cause the goods to arrive at the destination.  Then incorrect wrapping will cause  the goods to be easily destroyed, teeth, broken and others.

Notes to make the delivery soft and smooth are actually easy where you should double-check the delivery address and destination name. Always, if you send items that are sent to harm, give the warning style. So that you and users also don’t need to contact the J&T Connection Center because the delivery is running smoothly.

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