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Differences between Telkom Call Center via phone and social media

As one of the companies included in the category of state enterprises (BUMN), telkom call centers must  be provided by the company. It is not for nothing that a company as large as Telkom is obliged to offer interactive telephone services and digital communication. This is because there are quite a lot of consumers who use Telkom services in Indonesia.

And if consumers experience problems or difficulties when using Telkom products, the first step consumers take is to contact the call center service. Indirectly, this call center service therefore serves as an information center about the malfunctions that counting companies experience.

In addition, consumers also have the right to lodge complaints about services that are not in accordance with the procedure. Subsequently, consumers can also submit criticisms and suggestions through call center services to be used as evaluation material by the company Telkom.

Why should every company offer call center services?

Referring to government regulations, any large company that has a sufficiently large consumer base must indeed offer call center services. The aim is to facilitate handling if consumers encounter difficulties in using the company’s services.

One of the large companies that offer call center services is Telkom. Each company has its own policy regarding the provision of integrated information center services. The service does have the most important function of explaining to consumers the solution to the problem that is being experienced.

In addition, Telkom’s call center is  also obliged to follow up all complaints from consumers. And not to forget, the task of this call center should record all input, criticism and suggestions that are used as reference or evaluation material for the company.

Risks of companies that do not provide call center services

There are several risks that must be borne by certain companies that do not offer call center services. If this does not provide a solution, there is a long-term and quite fatal risk. Therefore, these are some of the risks of the lack of call center services offered by certain companies. Among them are the following:

  1. Receiving a reprimand from the government

The first risk, of course, received a strong reprimand from the government. This is because companies are required to provide call center services so that consumers can submit complaints directly via interactive phone or social media email.


  1. Lack of confidence in the eyes of consumers

Lack of trust in the eyes of consumers is the second risk for companies that do not offer call center services. This is because this call center service makes it easier for consumers to file complaints about the company’s services. Such as the Telkom call center that is always contacted by consumers to learn more about product information.


  1. Difficult to evaluate the company

And the final risk is that it’s difficult to evaluate the company. This is because the company has no data on consumer complaints. To improve the quality and performance of the company, input, criticism and suggestions from consumers are needed.

Telkom Call Center becomes one of the interactive phone and digital mail-based services

In general, these large companies in Indonesia offer interactive telephone call center services. Typically, this interactive service is a domestic call center or calls originating from the state. This is because Telkom customers are only in Indonesia. So all call center calls are domestic.


Aside from interactive phone calls, Telkom’s call center services have  now “evolved” and are available in digital form. So anyone can easily submit complaints, criticisms and suggestions to PT.


Telkom via call centers on social media. Telkom’s call centre is now accessible via digital media. Thus, millennials can convey all issues related to products through digital media such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.


This step is expected to be able to reach consumers broadly. This is because Telkom consumers are not just adults. But also millennials who always actively use social media.


With the Telkom call center on social media, it is hoped to solve problems or obstacles that consumers experience quickly and precisely. So that the trust and satisfaction of the consumer with Telkom products is higher.


Differences between Telkom Call Centers via interactive phone and on social media

Both types of call centers are provided by PT. Telkom is very different in terms of dealing with it. While it’s different, you still get the convenience of contacting Telkom’s call center services.


The first difference is that the call center is charged credit by the operator via this interactive telephone connection. Thus, you must provide sufficient credit to contact the call center service via an interactive telephone connection. Meanwhile, this call center only uses internet data quotas via social media. So it is cheaper in terms of costs.


The second difference is that the call center service responds quite quickly via this interactive telephone connection. In fact, for certain cases, it can be resolved by pt’s information service center provider. Telkom. So you don’t have to come to the nearest branch to overcome the obstacles experienced.


Meanwhile, the social media call center alerted by Telkom takes the time to answer any complaints, questions or complaints that come in through the direct messaging feature. Thus, the process of troubleshooting that is reported through Telkom’s call center via social media is slightly slower compared to interactive phone lines.


The third difference is that call center services that use this interactive telephone connection are sometimes difficult to connect. This is due to the large number of incoming calls. Thus, the officer cannot connect to the telephone connection you are making. For this, you are advised to regularly contact the call center.


Meanwhile, the message you convey through this social media call center may be received by the officer. The officer will respond quickly to all messages regarding Telkom product complaints. If you need special treatment, you will receive a complaint number so that the complaint can be handled by the relevant party.


Contact telkom call center via interactive phone and social media

Indeed, anyone can contact PT’s call center. Telkom, especially consumers who experience product problems. How to contact him is also very easy. For those of you who want to contact the call center via an interactive phone connection, use a smartphone or landline.


Then immediately press the Telkom call centre number at number 147. Then there is a customer service that asks you to submit complaints, criticism or suggestions. Typically, calls between call centers and consumers are recorded to improve the quality of related businesses.


If you file a complaint through Telkom’s social media call center , all you need to do is send a message through the direct messaging feature on TelkomIndonesia (Twitter), TelkomIndonesia (Instagram), and Telkom Care (Facebook) accounts.


Make sure that the call center accounts you’re contacting have a blue check mark. This is because telkom accounts that are verified and managed by call center administrators have a blue check mark.


Pt. Telkom is one of the state-owned enterprises. That is, the company is managed by the state. So tidak wonder if this state-owned company provides call center services to serve complaints, complaints, criticisms and suggestions from consumers. Telkom now offers complaints services digitally. Telkom’s call center can therefore be easily and actively contacted for a full 24 hours.

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