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How to transfer OVO to another OVO, easy and fast

OVO is a type of electronic money available in Indonesia, there is a way to transfer OVO to OVO  your friend  or someone else. Undoubtedly, the existence of electronic money or electronic money technology will enable the existing payment system. Because it is considered more practical and urgent.

The ease of using electronic money can be achieved if you have only a sufficient balance and an electronic cash account. Balance is very important, as is equality in the atm card. The balance in this electronic currency also determines how much money is stored in it.

So the balance contained in the user’s account must be taken into account, otherwise it means that in the future it will be irrelevant. Therefore users should remember and regularly check the available balance. Checking the  balance is very simple, just open the app that is installed on your smartphone.

There is a lot of convenience offered using this electronic money. That is, users can also make transfers between OVO users. But you have to meet some conditions first in order to be able to enjoy the feature. In addition, if the balance on the account is not enough, you must be up first.

Above, Before You Know How to Transfer OVO to OVO

Before making  any transaction involving electronic money, of course, some balance is required to do so. Add the OVO balance to the top, there are many ways to add a balance to an OVO account. Such as through atm banks, m-banking, through cashiers who have worked before with OVO.

There is a minimum maximum penalty, whether through a bank, atm or bank account, there is usually a minimum maximum selection of 10 thousand. If through one of the cashiers who previously worked with OVO, usually a minimum maximum of 50 thousand.

How to transfer OVO to OVO through a high-performing transaction requires additional fees for administrative fees. Don’t worry, the cost isn’t expensive, only a thousand dollars. But if you climb up through a Grab driver, this administrative fee is waived. So wanting to climb up anywhere remains the same, depending on  your personal  comfort  .

For advanced steps through a bank ATM, this is it, first enter your ATM  card  into the atm machine. Select the Transfer menu, select transfer to another bank. If you have chosen a Nobu bank and filled in ode 503 followed by the digit 9+ numbers of your mobile phone number, for example 5039081.

If you have chosen the desired nominee, you will be charged one thousand rupees. And the maximum is 10 thousand, after which to complete the transaction by following the next instructions. If you can check an account on your smartphone, whether the balance is inserted appropriately or not.

Fulfilling the conditions and how to transfer OVO to OVO

If an OVO equity enhancement action has been undertaken and is sufficient for your needs, comply with the conditions when transferring  OVO to OVO.   Of course, in order to transfer your balance  to OVO, some people must first meet the requirements. The main requirement is that you have to improve.

What it means to upgrade here is upgrade your OVO account   to OVO Premier. So that you can later access this transfer feature easily and quickly. To improve and secure this aspect of balance transfer, verification must be done first. So you need your ID and photo later.

The first requirement to transfer OVO to OVO is  to prepare an identity card and camera on  your smartphone  , try using an open camera to enable the facial confirmation stage. The first step in upgrading is to choose the upgrade menu in your application. If you have chosen to upgrade online, take a clear photo of your ID  card  .

After that, fill in your mother’s biological name, then take a picture of your face and ID by holding it. Try not to take pictures and it should be objective and clear. After that confirm and perform a check in the list box of available terms and conditions. Select the process and proceed to validate.

This confirmation proses is usually only for 24 hours for most. So you don’t have to wait long, let alone it can only be done at home. This will undoubtedly provide its convenience to its users. If verified,  your  account  can be used for transfer.

Transfers to OVO for OVO

There are several steps to transfer OVO to OVO,  which are simple and don’t take long. That is, it only needs to upgrade the account for the Prime Minister and can already carry out this activity. Of course, before making a transfer, make sure your balance   is sufficient according to your needs.

Just because it doesn’t mean it’s upgraded to Premier but the balance isn’t enough. Here are the steps to make a transfer transaction from your account  to another account.   The first way to transfer OVO to  OVO  is to open the app on your smartphone. If you have selected the transfer menu on the main page in the application.

After that, choose to transfer to your fellow users, if you have filled out a form with your name or  username. At this point, pay close attention to the number or name you fill out, try not to make mistakes. To avoid this, also select an address.

This is easier if the transfer user is already registered in your smartphone contacts. In addition to being more practical, this is to ensure that the filled numbers are accurate. If you have filled in the name that will be moved later, the minimum transferred is 10 thousand.

If you have continued with the next process it is message content, where this is optional. It can be filled in cannot, for additional information on the transaction. If you have chosen to go ahead and a pop up will appear regarding activity information. When it is confirmed that the data is accurate and accurate, press the transfer button.

After that it remains simply waiting for the balance to flow into the recipient’s account. Verify manually with the recipient, whether the balance has been received or not. Normally don’t perlu wait as long the balance is there. It only takes a few minutes after the transaction is completed, such as a normal atm transfer.

Fees from OVO to OVO Transfer

If you already understand and know how to transfer OVO to OVO and the conditions that must be met. On this occasion, information will be provided about the costs required to performt-ransaksi. For transaks i between users and OVO accounts the required fee is free.

This is done so that users are more comfortable in using the features available in this app. But it is different if a transfer is made from an OVO user to a bank account, there is a fee for that transaction, which is 2500 rupees per transaction.

So make sure if the balance you have is sufficient so that in the future it is not limited due to additional transaction payments. It is very easy and fast with the presence of this electronic money technology. In Indonesia, this technology has been supported by many stores, whether food or other goods.

In addition to being easy and fast, the use of electronic money is also aimed at making financial transactions more practical than ever before. Only a smartphone is needed, you can perform transactions quickly. With this method of transferring OVO to OVO, it is expected that users will be more comfortable.

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