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 How to easily check npwp number  online

It is actually very  easy to check  the NPWP number online. With its presence, a person is not required to come to the tax office while going to check. This definitely makes it a lot easier for the users. Different situations have happened in the last few years when internet usage was not what it is now. This kind of ease is not felt at all.

The taxpayer’s TIN or resident number is very important for a citizen himself. In fact, the numbers in it serve as the advice given by the government to taxpayers. With these facilities, an individual can do tax administration more easily. Its existence is also a sign.

This number can be a person’s identity and self-identification. With this identity, rights and responsibilities can be fully fulfilled. But now, there are many people who don’t know  how to check NPWP numbers online. If you don’t even know, the process here is being given easily and quickly.

How to check NPWP number  online

To check the  NPWP number online  , customers can first open the official website. The website itself is at address. When opening it, it will look at some of the columns that need to be filled in first. Enter the data completely and accurately.

Once filled in, wait for some time for the pointer to point to the email. There is a difference that will be seen whether the number is still active or not. If it is active, the owner’s number and identity will appear. If this is not visible, it proves that THE NPWP is not active yet.

To solve this problem, the owner needs to go to the nearest tax office. Inform about the problem that you are facing and the tax officer will activate the number. When this is complete, check the  NPWP number  online once again to prove that the card is  fully active.

In fact, if you come to the tax office, the activity of the card can also be checked there. However, you need to request an officer to check the activity. The process itself is not long so it won’t take much time. The process will be even faster if you have used the services at the tax office.

There  is still a way to check the NPWP number  online. The route is through tax crangling. The tax cringe number itself is 1500200. The phone number remains active for 24 hours. With this, you can check your activity at any time. However, some customers have questions about access to tax returns.

Some people question data security while doing this on the phone. As a consumer, you don’t have to question about it. The tax operator guarantees the security of the data while using this feature. In fact, tax crinking has started to become active since 2012. This longer period of time definitely guarantees better security.

How to create  an NPWP  and its requirements

To check the NPWP number  online , you must have the card first. The conditions themselves depend on the type of taxpayer to be chosen. The first type is the type of person who does not run a business.

When creating this type, the first requirement is the ID. There is a photocopy of the card. If you are from abroad, a file is required that proves a residency permit in Indonesia such as KITAS or KITAP. The needs of people running a business are also slightly different. For such varieties, photocopies of identities also need to be brought in.

However, in addition to photocopying of identity, business license documents also need to be brought in. This document is legally required that your business is really running normally. For these permit documents, there is no need to bring a permit that is at the national level. At the very least, you need to get permission from the village.

It would be better if proof of utility bills is also brought in. Also don’t forget to make a statement sheet on the content that you have really built a business. With this,  you can complete the process of creating and checking  the NPWP number  online. There is another type for women who want their tax matters to be separated from their husbands.

For this breed, the needs need to be met even more. Identity documents are the first to come. After this,  do not forget to bring a photocopy of your husband’s NPWP and family card. If your husband is a foreign national, bring the documents of foreign taxes with you.

This proves to prove that the husband also carries out his tax obligations in the country of origin. There is another most important condition. The term includes a Memorandum of Understanding for separation of property and taxes. In the letter, it is also necessary to take permission from the husband so that the tax issue of the wife can be separated personally.

Benefits of being an NPWP bagi person

When  the NPWP number  is checked online and the card turns out to be active, there are many benefits that will be availed. The first benefit as the most important is related to the ease of operation. There are many administrative processes that  make NPWP  a mandatory condition.

The first administration is related to bank credit. While doing so, the customer  needs to include  an active NPWP number  . If NPWP is inactive or not owned, the process cannot continue. In addition to the absolute requirements, the bank will also check the  NPWP number on a regular basis.

With this cheque, the bank will find out whether the customer is tax-compliant or not. This is one of the functions of the bank’s existence as banks and tax offices have worked together to launch a state taxation programme. When the card is activated and the bank approves, there are many types of credits that can be done.

These types include mortgages or home-owned loans for self-purpose loans, KTA or unsecured loans. Creating a credit card can also be done with a limit of up to Rs 50 million.  Do not forget to check  the NPWP number  online when you want to register for RDN  . RDN stands for Customer Fund Account.

Some people also call it an RDI or an investor’s fund account. This is a feature of the bank that makes it easier for customers to invest. The types of investments themselves vary from stocks, mutual funds to bonds. In Indonesia itself, there are many banks that open RDI facilities.

Among these banks, the most common are mandiri and BCA. These two are truly at the forefront of investment facilities for customers. However, BNI and BRI customers can also use this facility.

Its presence also simplifies the problems of taxation

When the NPWP number is checked online   and the results are activated, the tax liabilities are already linked to an individual. Naturally, this card itself is meant to address tax issues. The first facility will be seen in tax refunds when it is already active. Reinstatement itself is a claim process when the amount of tax paid is very high.

If a person’s NPWP is not yet active, will not be able to complete the restoration activity. In addition, reducing nominal payments can also be facilitated. Those of you who feel that the tax amount is too large can apply for deduction for valid reasons.

Make sure to check regularly that your card is still active. If it is no longer active, reach the tax office immediately. Don’t let the sleeping condition last for a long time. After all, it is much easier to check because there  is already a way to check the NPWP number  online.

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