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Gojek Driver’s Call Center as Driver’s Assistant

The Gojek driver’s call center is indeed provided by the company in order to provide comfort to managers as well. Because, after all, a driver or more, called an online motorcycle taxi, is the head of this company in the management of his business. If they don’t get the best service, they’ll also be upset about how they handle their passengers.

On the other hand, it can also make it easier for passengers to track the driver’s position. So if you are curious and wait a very long time, you can find out the real location of a stream or online motorcycle taxi. So, for example, if it is near the driver of an online motorcycle taxi, hurry up right away to prepare yourself to pay for it.

Gojek’s driver’s call center can also make the driver of an online motorcycle taxi complain about all his complaints. Complaints, which are very often an obstacle to online motorcycle taxi drivers, usually have difficulty finding passengers even though they have activated the app. In fact, this is not only the fault of the application, but due to the factors of the driver himself.

Error from a driver who may not want to fulfill or reject an incoming order. So indirectly, the system also decides not to give them a job or a job. The meal is designed for online motorcycle taxi drivers, if you feel like you have a work order, carry it out immediately and deliver the passengers.

This gojek driver’s call centre can also be a tool to make reprimands or warnings to online motorcycle taxi drivers when providing services to customers and passengers. So that their results and the quality of performance could not be applied arbitrarily. Everything according to the system, and the system must be of a rigid nature.

Types of call center by region

There are different types of call centers based on different things. As is currently the case, the types of call centers are discussed, which are based on the coverage area of their activity. So if you’ve received a complaint or marketed a product outside of the region and within the region itself, they both have their respective functions.

A domestic call center is a type of call center based on the first coverage area. Based on the name alone, it can be assumed that this call center serves only everything related to the domestic or domestic region. Thus, it can be concluded , that the call center of the gojek driver is an example of this type of call center.

Then there is an international call center service, or more commonly called an international call center. It is designed to serve customers or distribute products from the company to the international region. So employees in this position need international communication and speaking skills.

From this explanation, it can be concluded that in order to serve customers and provide them with comfort, companies really need to have these two types of call centers for a wider market share. The call center of the Gojek manager is evidence of a company called gojek, which serves its regular customers in the country or home region.

Types of call center by owner

In addition, there are other types of call centers based on the form of ownership. So in the reviews, this call center is actually not only from a narrow point of view. But in reality, they have their own corresponding roles and functions, which are structured and neatly organized according to the company’s own SOPs.

The first type based on the owner is the in-house call center. In this case, the company has its own call center to contact each other while doing their work between members. So this type is the internal contact of the company and belongs to the company itself. So the call center of the gojek driver does not belong to this type.

The second is outsourced call centers. Typically, companies that want to reduce costs when using their call center services prefer to use this type of call center service. Because they do not need to provide a special room for their call center employees. They outsource the work of this call center to the company of the call center provider.

However, the call center of the gojek driver is also not included in this call center.   This outsourced call center is able to reduce costs, because the company pays only for the service. These services are provided by call center service providers. Thus, the company paying for the service does not need to prepare various things related to the call center and does not have to pay its employees.

Obstacles that managers often pass

When using the Gojek app, this does not mean that all the problems are only with customers or passengers. But also the actor of the delivery service, for example, the taxi driver of an online motorcycle himself, experienced various problems. These problems are complex, but in fact the company itself can still properly deal with them.

An obstacle that online motorcycle taxi drivers usually encounter themselves is a nominal deposit on their account that does not correspond to the value paid. This may be due to the fact that, perhaps, the system does not read the denomination well. The name is also man-made system, from time to time there must be weaknesses so that call centers gojek drivers are more useful.

The complaint of the second manager is due to a problem that has not entered the nominal amount of payment from customers. Sometimes it also happens to those managers who, when checking the balance, do not correspond to the nominal payment already indicated. So it is natural for motorists to submit their complaints to the company.

The hurdles faced by these drivers will become a benchmark for Gojek in providing its services, with the exception of customers and online motorcycle taxi drivers. So having a call center for gojek drivers  is expected to become a familiar friend to online motorcycle taxi drivers to navigate their careers as a manager of this company.

Positive response to call center services

When providing Gojek services, customer satisfaction comes first and foremost. Because for them , customers are king,  who must be reckoned with for their safety, comfort and trust. Because big companies are not because of their skills, but because they are able to win the hearts of their customers so that they become loyal customers.

Gojek Driver’s Call Center is also one of the best services that this company can provide to its managers. Because in addition to customers, they are also very worried about their partners in the form of drivers of their online motorcycle taxi. Basically, a manager is the key to the success of this business in order to win the hearts of his customers.

Customers and drivers responded very well and with positive enthusiasm to the performance of Gojek employees in addressing all issues related to the limitations of the field. So that these obstacles can be communicated and pursued directly to the internal parties of the company for evaluation.

So from this service it is hoped that motorists will be more enthusiastic about delivering various orders. In addition, it is hoped that this will reduce the concerns of motorists. So if there is a sudden field problem, the gojek driver call center is the solution .

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