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Mitsubishi Service Center Solution Solution

The sub-side sought the  way from  the Mitsubishi Service Center.  Mitsubishi is a giant with large  users in various countries.   One  of its countries is in our country

Because of its  birth, it can help the public products from a wide range of low, medium price to excellent,  everything to the  world’s demand and survival

The trend of Mitsubishi service centers also

One of the users of this leading brand, you need to know to serve everyone.  If you  encounter a product in one day, you need help, this can be a Junzi Jun once a Mitsubishi service center?

In fact,   this large company has not had a Mitsubishi service center for its company to serve as  much as possible , from online

Service  delivery with family cars.  From Krama Yudha Sales, customers do not need to  transport the service center  will be the service center with care

Then, you can also get home care  for the car,  travel  10,000 kilometers, regularly maintain it at home and  paint the car and car    matter, the sub-first is the Mitsubishi Service Center

In addition to its attractive offers, since Indonesia a  large car company party supply and sales calculation, there is no showroom but a service center , You can go between the big banks, and you don’t have to leave your home and the city

Everyone can get attractive promotions to benefit  a variety of accessories and  free promotions can be sufficient to  give accident insurance to make customers comfortable

Mitsubishi Service Center during the epidemic

Or between the big lines, why is the  car suit.  Do you feel this obstacle?   If you are a Krama Yudha Mitsubishi customer, you will not be affected.

In today’s big market, Junke Auto is a businessman.  The user of this car is also the same, Mitsubishi service center 24 less to give matters in the meantime, you can consult

You can call the hotline 0804 1 300 300 and ask the  service center with the best answer to the right  because of calling this number, the child can do business

Mitsubishi is at home, and it is necessary to make all users safe, less worried

  1. No labor to go home

Between big trips, going out is really a fear of family affairs, and you have no car  affairs without leaving home.

  1. It’s like being in the workshop

Although things are at home, what is obtained  must be the best of the son  , and there is no shortage of Mitsubishi’s karma and mechanic  to provide everything.


  1. Save time

Yijun does not need to leave home, so Jun thinks that it can save time and costs,  and those who wait for car repairers  can live with their families

Why does the Mitsubishi Service Center repair cars?

People are puzzled, so it must be the service center of Mitsubishi.  The fact is that it will bring great benefits to Mitsubishi without going to see that Mitsubishi can be  subdued.  If you have a simplified method that can go to this point, why should it be complicated?

Those who do not want to queue up in repair shops are a practical solution for Mitsubishi Service Center.  But what is  it?

Walker without a class, can make the app without becoming complicated Today   Mitsubishi to launch an app that can be played on Google  Play maun is free to download.  Because of the application, you will have to believe and serve as a thing

You can bet on an account first and later you will be asked to fill in the application with a person’s data  adult data, but you can use it to  get it For the app, the work is also

  1. Book a test drive
  2. Mitsubishi Promotion
  3. Get close to dealers
  4. Check its price with market spare parts
  5. Book  things
  6. Department Mitsubishi 24 less standby workshop

The latest events at Mitsubishi

For customers to do their best,  Mitsubishi Service Center to promote attractive benefits This offer is suitable for all customers who use this car.  Want to know the latest quotes  from this big car company?

  1. Accessories and parts warranty

Give the right  workshop customer spare parts warranty  so, the  warranty of the accessories, parts have been fixed can  be inspected first

  1. Serving 24 Jam

This good news for Mitsubishi users  .  This is for 24 less roads.  Feed on car breakdown to 5 liters of gasoline

If the location is so far away that the car has to go to the repair shop, the workshop owner can pay up to Rs 1.5 million Motor hotel

  1. Aftermarket

Its Krama Yudha company mostly supplies aftermarket  tires for its Pajero Xpander,  generation  Light bulb net, and Xpander battery

In addition,  there is a production clearance and protector in the cabin and timely tire repair kits,  all these things will make all  users of Mitsubishi happy

SEMU on the supply must be the giant company car users use it more, to light its king do not forget the  Mitsubishi service center to decide



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